Until we change our hearts — grandfathersky

Look at time and wonder why It ever came to be A veil unknowing shadows cursed A world within regrets What of the heart and of the head Shall come to ever after Return into another realm Of lovers wrapped in lace One day forsaken in the light Found stolen years of youth When leaving […]

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She keeps on blowing our minds off.

Vahn's Opinion

Hey loves, I hope y’all are okay … I hope 2019 is going well so far…I hope y’all are hydrated and giving nothing but love.

So I’m guessing at this point we have all heard about Robert Kelly aka R. Kelly yes…And I have to say in my entire life I’ve never been so disturbed …I’m so confused I have a lot of questions that I know I might not get answers to but I think I have to address what’s going on because I don’t know who needs to hear this.

Robert Slyvester Kelly😒

For those that haven’t heard anything I’ll catch you up real quick (You are welcome btw). So we all know the famous R. Kelly… this is a paedophile and has been abusing women for the longest time. Taking hostage of them and doing God knows what with them….literally making them his sex slaves . For…

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The Life Time Investment.

This is so inspirational..thank you kavahn.

Vahn's Opinion

I bet you are eager to figure out what it is you are about to find out and invest in. …well good for you because you don’t even need money to do it , all you need is yourself.


First things first ;

the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively (this is the one Google offered )

But I I think this runs deeper than society functioning and all .. I want to look at this on a personal level . Ummh let me see how to put this. Your social capital as a person is everything! I repeat it’s everything! !!! So this means you need everybody every single person . You make networks create connections at every place that you step foot because where this economy is headed that’s seems like…

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What if i told you..

What if i told you that your so called motherland’s progress

today has been a joke being driven by amateurs.

With great personal insight, this may seem like a dream but

a reality we Ugandans are living.

The regime that is elucidated by political instabilities, disorder

and abuse of human rights.

Above all, causing discomfort among its citizens and much pain.

The lamenting won’t help but rather actions to stop all these heartbreaks.

My dreams.

I didn’t no that dreams could be all these sensations in my intellect.

Fact is i also didn’t know that if i minimized them then i would never have reached reality. 😤

My dreams are worth more than my slumber. Yes! I repeat more than my sleep because my dreams are made of sand and sleep not slumber.

The biggest critic is you.

Most times we fail to handle criticism yet we turn out to be our own solution to those exact issues.

Back then when I was in high school, I used to be one of those dull students, I was always the one on extra lessons call it coaching and it devastated me a lot well knowingly that I could never make it to college. Above all, I was always poorly judged which frustrated me the more until i released that the biggest critic call it internal fear was in between my ears.

Honestly from that moment on wards, never did i let that so-called internal fear take me down  but rather used it as a defensive mechanism. Later i admitted my mistakes and as i worked on my inner confidence.

“The more attention your work receives, the more criticism you will receive.”

Clare Hudson.

Its a dream come true.

Well it feels like a dream come true. I am one of those people that like being alone most times not like a loner but i prefer keeping most of my thoughts to myself. Now that i have gotten the chance and apparently the right chance am never going back behind just like y’all did, I will also follow. Its such a nice experience to always write down something I mean may be I could end up being that person of public benefit out there.

Greeting to you all its my first time here and this is my perception for today. Thank you


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